FAQ – Animal Patterns and Products

General FAQ

Who is The Tucson Puppet Lady?
My name is Rose Mayer and I fell in love with puppets back in 2012. I didn’t expect things to evolve like they have, but I’m still loving every minute. However, I do have a helper in my daughter. She handles most of the technical and design aspects. And my husband adds his two cents in on quality control now and then. The bulk of TTPL is done by two people, so if an aspect tends to slack or get neglected, that would be the explanation.

In addition to loving puppets, I love children’s books.  I think the combination of books and puppets is perfect to bring books to life for children.  I am so pleased to have found an outlet for expressing this joy  of puppets and books as a volunteer for Make Way For Books, an early literacy organization based on Tucson AZ.  Every week I look forward to reading to all of the classrooms (nursery to 5 year olds) at a local preschool.

How can I contact you?
Best way is by email and/or our Contact form. You can also contact me through Etsy conversations and Facebook. Text or call by cell phone.

How often do you check email?
I try to check every morning and evening, but please give me 24 hours to respond before contacting again.

I want to leave a comment on the blog or YT, but I can’t. Why?
This goes back to the 2 person job thing. While we love comments, we don’t much care for spam and trolls. I’ve had comments turned on with websites and YT in the past with not so positive results. So I just sacrificed this aspect. If you’d like to contact us, then email is your best bet.

How many puppets have you made?
Whoo Boy… a lot as of May 2017
Muppet-y Puppets I’ve made – 27
Muppet-y Puppets I helped make – 17
Animal Puppets – 105
Felt Hand Puppets – 44
Hand and Sock Puppets I helped make during our Puppet Making Parties – lost count, but in hundreds by now