Want to learn how to build or sew puppets? The Tucson Puppet Lady offers personalized one on one instruction. Machine sewing experience useful, but not necessary. Only $30 per hour.

Hand and Rod Puppet

Time: 3 days/3-4 hours per day
Instruction Cost: approximately $270-$360
Build a puppet out of foam with a fleece covering.
Day 1: Cut out your pattern pieces and glue the foam.
Day 2: Sew the fleece and put the puppet together.
Day 3: Make the arms and facial features.

Animal Puppet

Time: 1 day/2-3 hours
Cost: $50-$75
Sew an animal puppet out of fleece and felt. You can choose any animal puppet pattern that we have available for sale.

The listed prices are for instruction only. The amount of time it takes to build your puppet depends upon your sewing/crafting experience in addition to how complex your puppet is. You will need to supply the fleece (in the color of your choice), matching color of thread, felt (for inside of the mouth and facial features), foam, any wigs, clothing, jewelry etc. to accessorize your puppet.  I will provide patterns, contact cement, sewing machine, sewing supplies such as pins, scissors, etc, and any other misc. supplies or tools necessary to assist you in creating your very own customized puppet. I will share my puppet making secrets with you.  I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Don’t see what you want? Contact us and we’ll talk! Rose at (520) 400-0758 or info@thetucsonpuppetlady.com