Puppet Halloween Shorts

What can be more fun than playing with puppets?  Dressing up the puppet to make the character come even more alive!

For our Halloween performances, we made costumes for the puppets.  Some of the costumes were just simple additions that we found at our local dollar store.  Other costumes were made from lightweight felt to keep the puppets as light as possible.

This short features our sheep playing the part of Lambert, a funeral director.  Our frog became Madame Frogginfurkin.  They are singing a jingle to advertise Lambert’s Funeral Home.  Lambert makes coffins lined with his own fleece so that the dearly departed can rest in fleece.


The horse started out being the horse head from one of the Godfather movies.  As the character evolved, it became Studley Dudley the Manless Horse Head.  Studley is quite the ladies’ (we should say mares’) man with his own television show.  The flamingo is Doctor Witch.  She received her doctorate from the internet, because we all know how legitimate that is.


The unicorn (the unicorn adaptation is included in our horse pattern) developed into Felicity.  During performances she was looking for her prince.  Sad to say, she never found one since all the good ones were taken.  Our lion became Chef Spudnik who had strange eating habits.  Kids in the audience were appalled that he didn’t like chocolate, peanut butter or pizza.  He preferred gross stuff.


In addition to being a mares’ man, Studley develops new products.  Usually, a product is created before the jingle is written, but in this case the jingle’s melody is written first.  There are no words yet, because they don’t know what to sing about.  I think they just wanted to sing.

What puppeteers love about our animal puppet patterns  is how lightweight and comfortable the finished puppets are to use during long performances.  The patterns were specifically designed with the puppeteer in mind.  All of these animal puppet patterns except the flamingo (coming soon) are available now.

Coming Soon!  Blog with more information about how you can dress up your favorite  puppet using our animal puppet patterns which are available as immediate digital downloads at our Etsy and Craftsy stores!