Puppet Making Parties for Schools

One of our favorite things about our Puppet Making Parties at schools is watching the kids create their puppets. We feel that kids’ lives are so structured that we encourage them to let their imaginations go wild as they make their puppet. We are never disappointed at the level of creativity!

We bring new brightly colored socks and an abundance of doo-dads for them to use to make their “works of art.” Since kids want to play with their puppet immediately, we always have adults available to operate the glue guns. We’ve experimented with other types of glue and the glue guns work the best.

We are very cautious about posting pics of children on our blog or Facebook. Therefore the following pics are only of the puppets. We wish we could show the beaming, proud faces of the kids as they pose with their puppet. But we respect their rights and the rights of their parents.

Enjoy these pics of a group of graduating five year olds from preschool. We were so impressed at their level of skill of using scissors! Especially since we had to glue on so many little tiny pieces! lol They definitely are ready for kindergarten.

sock puppet, puppet making party
Necklaces are very popular.
Jewels are very popular. Even jewels for eyes.
Love the eyebrows!
sock puppet, making sock puppets
Horns were also very popular.
sock puppet, making sock puppet
The kids made puppets after a birthday party. That’s why there is a ring glued to the puppet.
sock puppet, puppet making party
The beads are teeth.


The following puppets were made by graduating 1st graders. It is interesting to see how each sock is decorated. Some are very elaborate and some are more simple.

Jewels are still popular. A very cool looking tongue.
This dragon has green teeth,
A simple puppet with eyes and nose.
One of the more simple ones, but with a tongue.
sock puppet, making sock puppet
This one has a nose, tongue, tail and horns.
sock puppet, making sock puppet
Tongues were very popular.
sock puppet, making sock puppet
This one has a crown, two noses, necklace, tail and extra decoration for good measure.
sock puppet, making sock puppet
Beads for teeth and a tail.
sock puppet, making sock puppet
Tail, necklace, horns, cheeks and nose.


When every 1st grader had made a puppet, everyone had an opportunity to “perform” for their friends. One of the teachers made a most amazing “emcee” while the kids performed.

After their puppets are made, the kids perform for each other with a teacher as the emcee.