School Puppet Show

Kids performing with their puppets for their friends

We love to perform at schools. Recently we had that opportunity at International School of Tucson.  We performed our interactive Pirate Show for the preschoolers. In our show, the puppets “induct” the audience into the crew so that they are able to help “save” the pirate ship from impending doom!  Fortunately, so far every audience has been able to save the ship!

After the show, we helped about 30 kids make their very own puppet.  It gets a little hectic but with the assistance of the teachers and volunteer parents, every kid made their own masterpiece.

And the best part of all, after the puppets were made, the kids could perform for their friends while using our stage.  That was accomplished with teacher and adult supervision to keep everything moving smoothly.

Interested in having us come to your school?  Contact us and we’ll get back asap!