Portable Puppet Stage Building Plans and Instructions

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Build your own portable puppet stage using our PDF plans and instructions. Stage dimensions: 70″ High, 70″ Wide and 33″ Deep. Fits 2 folding chairs, 2 folding stools or a 5 ft bench.

This stage was constructed with the puppeteer’s comfort in mind. Puppeteers perform while seated and elbow bent at about 90 degrees. The puppeteer doesn’t need to raise arm over their head during performances. The puppeteer can also see the audience through the screen curtain, but the audience can’t see the puppeteer. This allows greater interaction during performances when the puppeteer can single out an audience member.

Stage Components:

• Build the frame with 3/4″ PVC pipe and fittings.
• Build the screen bar with 1″x1″ wood, hinge and screws.
• Front curtain and screen curtain are one piece of fabric cut to size.
• Main curtain requires sewing. All the instructions on how to sew the main curtain are included.
• Secure the curtain to the frame with standard PVC pipe clamps and heavy duty rubber bands.

For portability: PVC pipes and fittings can fit into 1-2 carrying bags. Folded curtains fit well in a reusable tote bag. A box with a lid can hold puppets, props, clamps, rubber bands and whatever else needed for a performance.

Puppet stage works best indoors. However, outdoor performances are manageable if the stage is placed somewhere sheltered from the elements and bright sun. The screen hiding puppeteers won’t work if direct light is too bright.

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