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Aug 09

Duck Craft Activities

In the last blog article we listed some Fun Facts about ducks.  We also had a free download of a duck coloring page for the kids (or you) to color.  In this blog we want to share some of our favorite craft activities that we found on the web that are simple and fun to […]

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Aug 01

Duck Fun Facts

Our pattern of the month is the Duck!  Ducks have been featured as cartoon characters.  For example, Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and Warner Brothers’ Daffy Duck.  Our duck pattern is a caricature of the white domesticated duck which is a descendant of the Mallard Duck.  The Mallard is the most common and recognized duck of […]

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Jul 20

Horses in Books

In our previous blog article we listed a few links to craft projects featuring the horse that we found around the web. We also had a free download of a horse paper bag puppet pattern.

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