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About Our Patterns & Finished Puppet

The Finished Puppet

We recommend using fleece, felt and poly-fil  to make the puppet because these materials are affordable and easy to find at craft stores.  The finished puppet is:

  • Lightweight and comfortable on the hand (and arm!)
  • Easy to wash
  • Flexible, moving mouth allows for a wide range of expressions
  • Sized for everyone in the family – even preschoolers can use them
  • Soft and pliable – can be stuffed into a hiding place ready to pop out to play!

Our Puppet Patterns

Our Puppet Sewing Patterns:

  • Are available as digital downloads – you can start sewing immediately
  • Have step by step instructions with photos illustrating each step
  • Include a video tutorial for each pattern to make sewing even easier
  • The skills you’ve learned can be used for other sewing projects
  • Allow you to be creative to make a unique puppet
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