January Fun Facts with L’il Emmie

Did you know that January gets its name from the Roman god Janus? He’s the god with two heads. One can see into the past and the other sees into the future! That’s perfect for January, since it comes between the past year and the new one.

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How to Use Contact Cement–Without Making a MESS!

When I make my puppets that use foam, I prefer to use contact cement rather than a glue gun.

Here is a quick tutorial on using contact cement when making or building a puppet.  I also show how to get the contact cement from the can into a squeeze bottle without making a huge mess.  Following the video, I share my tips that I’ve learned that have made my life easier and saves money!

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Welcome to The Tucson Puppet Lady!

Welcome to The Tucson Puppet Lady blog!

Puppets aren’t just for kids and I want to share the fun of playing of puppets with the young and the young at heart!

In this blog I plan to:

  • Share puppet making tips from others and myself
  • Announce any puppet events that are happening in Tucson
  • Post any new news about puppets from around the country or the world
  • Keep you up to date with any classes, performances and workshops

The website is a work in progress, just like in life, keep checking back for all of the new additions!