Dragon Fun Facts

Our Dragon Puppet Sewing Pattern is the pattern of the month! In the Fun Facts blogs about the animals that we have patterns for, we list fun facts about the featured animal. Well, this is going to be just plain fun since dragons are mythological creatures.  Anthropologists suggest that the ideas about dragons came about from ancient discoveries of dinosaur fossils and man’s evolutionary fear of snakes and dangerous reptiles.  Like the komodo dragon.

Dragon Puppet Pattern

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Dragon Fun Facts
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  • Dragons were prominent in all of ancient civilizations.  Sometimes they were good and sometimes they were bad.
  • In ancient China, dragons were symbols of luck, power and strength.
  • In ancient Japan, dragons brought destruction.
  • The Welsh flag depicts a red dragon on a green and white background.
  • The snapdragon flower gets its name because its shape resembles the snapping head of a dragon.
Upcoming dragon Craft Activities

In our next blog, we’ll be sharing a few ideas and links for some fun dragon craft activities that we found around the web. We’ll also have a free download pattern for the kids to make their own dragon paper bag puppet. You can also check out our Puppet of the Month Pinterest Board.

Until then, enjoy our free download of a dragon coloring page for the kids to color!

Need a puppet with a moving mouth and makes expressions?  We have the pattern!

You can buy the Dragon Puppet Sewing Pattern here.  It is available as a digital download so you can start sewing immediately.  Each pattern has step by step instructions and free video tutorial to make sewing even easier!  In fact you can watch our free tutorial on how to sew the dragon puppet right now! Beginner sewists have complimented us on how easy they found our instructions to follow.  We recommend using fleece and felt to make our puppets because these fabrics are readily available from craft stores, inexpensive, washable and easy to sew

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