Duck and Goose Patterns Available Now!

A funny thing happened on my way to create a smaller, lighter weight human type puppet pattern.  I created a goose-man.  No matter how I looked at it, the puppet looked like a goose.  Even though I wasn’t even thinking of adding a goose to our line animal puppet patterns, I now had one.  I only had to do a little adjusting to make the puppet look like a goose.  With the addition of using white fleece and orange felt I definitely had a goose!

goose puppet

duck patternSince we had goose and chicken patterns, we had to complete the barnyard aviary with a duck.  As we were researching how to make a duck pattern, we noticed that almost all of the ducks in cartoons and graphics had a large bill. But in fact in real life, ducks’ bills aren’t as large.  In fact, they resemble the goose bill.  Since my puppets are more of a caricature than realistic, we decided to go with the large duck bill.  This puppet is just screaming to be an over the top character.  Both patterns offer the different eye options.

Both patterns are now available at our Etsy or our website store.  Click either link and have fun shopping!