How to Build a Custom Puppet – Part 7

This is part 7 (the last part) of a video series about how I build my custom puppets. It is not meant to be a tutorial or for beginners. I don’t go into a lot of details, just outlining how I currently build most of my puppets. This series is meant to be an overview of how much supplies, tools and time it takes to build a “Muppet-y” style puppet. I’m also sharing what I’ve learned in the hopes of helping out fellow puppet builders.

I love building puppets. I build my puppets as a hobby and on a tight budget.

Facial Features
The final step of building a custom puppet is often the most fun. Making features.

  • Ears I make out of scrap fleece stuffed with Poly-fil. Changing the shape and size changes the look of the character.
  • Noses I make out of scrap fleece stuffed with foam. I cut the foam into a nose shape, then cover with fleece.
  • Eyes can be made out of so many objects. Ping pong balls, googly eyes, craft foam, felt, spoons are just a few objects that I use.
  • Hair can be a simple wig, strands of felt, fleece, fur or feathers. I haunt second hand and thrift stores looking for wigs. Sometimes wig stores will have close out sales. I have found inexpensive wigs on the internet.

The Last Detail

Shopping for clothes! What is like about my torso is that it is sized to fit toddler 3T clothing. I’ve also discovered that sometimes size 18 months or toddler size 4 will fit depending on the manufacturer. I purchase all of my puppets’ clothing at resale shops. I’ve also made custom outfits for my custom puppets in the past.

With the addition of facial features and clothing, your puppet is now uniquely yours!