May Fun Facts with L’il Emmie

In May, it’s time to take a photo of your newest barbeque invention before cooking up some hamburgers.

May 4th is Star Wars Day

In a galaxy far, far away there are spaceships, robots, fuzzy friends and evil fathers. Celebrate them all over again today.

May 5th is Cartoonists Day

Cartoons make the world go round. Kick back with some print cartoons in the morning, watch some cartoon shows in the afternoon and create your own cartoon before ending the day.

May 15th is Chocolate Chip Day

The world would be a dark, dark place without chocolate chips.

May 24th is Tiara Day

It’s a tiara! And today is the day to don one with pride and bit of flash.

May 30th is Water a Flower Day

Make the Earth smile more today by watering a flower.