Puppets in Canada’s First Nations

Puppetry was an integral part of the lives of the people of the First Nations who lived in Canada for centuries before the arrival of Europeans.  As with other ancient cultures around the world, masks, puppets and puppetry were used in religious ceremonies, rituals and dances.

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Origins of Puppetry of Southeast Alaska

In this blog, we are traveling to southeast Alaska.  The puppets of the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest Coast were very elaborate and more varied than the puppets of both the northern region of the United States and Arctic Alaska.  The ceremonies were also huge productions.

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Origins of Puppetry in the Arctic of Western Alaska

In this blog we will travel to the frozen Arctic Zone of North America where the Inuit lived.  The Yup’ik speakers of Western Alaska still use mechanical figures.  Ceremonies were held to celebrate important occasions and to ensure successful hunting. 

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Origins of Puppetry in Northern United States

I wanted to do a blog series on the history of puppets in the United States. While searching for information, I discovered that puppetry has been around a lot longer than I thought. Puppetry used by the Native American Nations is fascinating.
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