Flamingos in Books

In our previous blog article we listed a few links to craft projects featuring the flamingo that we found around the web. We also had a free download of flamingo paper bag puppet pattern.

We are continuing the flamingo theme with a list of books that we thought would be interesting and fun to pair with a flamingo puppet.  This list only has a few of the many books that are available.

Why Use a Puppet While Reading?
  • Kids love puppets.
  • Puppets boost creativity and stimulate kids’ imaginations
  • Sometimes kids feel more comfortable reading to a puppet rather than to an adult.
  • A puppet made from our patterns is perfect for story time because it is soft and pliable.  It can be stuffed into a small place ready to pop out to engage the kids.

Sylvie is written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler. It’s a fun story about a flamingo who learns that the reason she is pink is because of her diet, she decides to do a little experimenting! At first, Sylvie likes trying out different colors and patterns, but ultimately she learns the valuable lesson that sometimes it’s best to just be yourself. Preschoolers love this story.


Flora and the Flamingo is a beautifully illustrated wordless book by Molly Idle. Kids will love opening the interactive flaps. Flora and her graceful flamingo friend explore the trials and joys of friendship through an elaborate synchronized dance. For ages 3-6 years.


The Adventures of Marco Flamingo in the Jungle is a fun book for the preK set.  It is written and illustrated by Sheila Jarkins.   Marco meets new friends in the jungle and shares fun adventures with them.   The book has simple text and cute brightly colored illustrations.


I’m Sad by Michael Ian Black and Debbie Ridpath Ohi is a wonderfully written and illustrated book dealing with sadness.  Flamingo is sad and wonders if he will always be sad.  His friends try to cheer him up.  In the end they learn that sometimes the best way to cope is to fully feel the feelings and that’s OK.  This book would be appropriate for ages 4-8, preschool to 3rd grade.


Mud City A Flamingo Story written and illustrated by Brenda Z. Guiberson is a non fiction book that follows the life cycle of a flamingo with informative text and brightly colored illustrations.  It is geared for kids 4-8 years, preschool to grade 3.  All ages of preschoolers will enjoy the pictures, the text might get too wordy so I’d recommend some editing as you read.



Free Download of flamingo Hand Puppet pattern

Don’t have the time to sew a puppet?  Need a puppet fast?  We have a free download for a flamingo hand puppet pattern using felt squares available from craft stores.  The puppet can be made without sewing – all you need is a hot glue gun.

Need a puppet that can talk and make expressions?  You can sew one with our Flamingo Puppet Sewing Pattern. It is available as a digital download so you can start sewing immediately. Customers tell us how easy our patterns are to follow especially after watching the video tutorials.  They also say the puppets turn out really well and are a joy to use!

Flamingo Puppet Pattern

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