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Free Tiger Felt Hand Puppet Pattern

Make your very own felt tiger hand puppet using our free pattern. Very simple to make – just cut felt and glue together. You could hand sew it too, if you wanted.

What you’ll need:
Tiger Puppet Pattern PDF
• 2 orange felt sheets
• 1 pink felt sheet or scraps
• 1 white felt sheet or scraps
• 1 black felt sheet or scraps
• Black pipe cleaner
• Crayons
• Glue (Hot glue, Fabric Tac or any glue that works with felt)
• Scissors
• Pins

How to Make the Tiger Felt Hand Puppet:
tigerblog1 Trace the body pattern on top orange felt sheet with crayon.

lionblog2 Pin the top orange felt sheet to bottom orange felt sheet so they stay together when you cut.

lionblog3 Cut the felt along the traced body line.

lionblog4 Glue the two layers of felt together around the edge keeping the bottom open for your hand.

tigerblog5 Cut out all the felt features.

lionblog6 Glue nose to the muzzle. Bend end of pipe cleaner and glue under nose.

lionblog7 Bend and glue pipe cleaner into a figure 8 shape. Cut off excess pipe cleaner.

tigerblog6 Glue ears.

tigerblog8 Glue muzzle, inner ears and paws.

tigerblog9 Glue eyes and pupils.

tigerblog10 Cut small circles or squares of white felt and glue to eyes as gleams. Glue on body and face stripes.