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Goats in Books

We are continuing the goat theme with a list of books that we thought would be interesting and fun to pair with a goat puppet.  We even have a free pattern to make a simple goat felt hand puppet!


When I was a volunteer reader for a local preschool I noticed that kids became more engaged during reading when any type of puppet is used to help bring a book alive.

  • Kids love puppets.
  • Puppets boost creativity and stimulate kids’ imaginations.
  • Sometimes kids feel more comfortable reading to a puppet rather than to an adult.
  • A puppet can be used as an impartial character allowing kids to express their true emotions.
  • A puppet made from our patterns is perfect for story time because it is soft and pliable.  It can be stuffed into a small place ready to pop out to engage the kids.  And it is easy to wash!
Books Featuring Goats 

Community Soup by Alma Fullerton is more than just a story book for ages 4-8.  With mixed media that looks like 3D we get a glimpse of what life is for kids in a rural school in Kenya.  The kids have a community garden and they are ready to harvest vegetables for soup for everyone.  A student’s goats escape from their pen and follow her to school.  The goats start to enjoy themselves by eating the garden.  Quickly everyone works together to solve the problem.   A portion of the proceeds goes to Creation of Hope Project, which supports schools in Kenyon with the building of community gardens.

Goats (Seedlings) by Kate Riggs is the perfect preschool information book about goats.  The photographs are large, clear and cute.  The text is simple, large and not over whelming so as not to lose the interest of the audience.  The text is simple enough for the beginning reader.

I loved reading this fun twist on the three billy goats gruff.  The Three Billy Goats Buenos by Susan Middleton Elya and illustrated by Miguel Ordonez is for ages 4-8.  I really liked the story but the main thing is that I got to practice learning Spanish because she has sprinkled Spanish words throughout the story.  If I couldn’t figure out what the word was….there is a glossary!  I’m also really impressed with how she was able to write the verse while using either Spanish or English.  I felt the colorful illustrations were a perfect match with the tone of the story.   Plus the geometrical figures are perfect for an interactive story time where kids learn how to pick out shapes. 

this way, Charlie written by Caron Levis and illustrated by Charles Santoso is the story of a  goat who is a loner befriending Charlie, a partially blind new comer to an animal sanctuary.  The pastoral feel of the art is realistic yet not too realistic to match the tone of the book.  The book is based on a real life friendship between Jack the goat and Charlie the horse at Open Bud Ranch.

All of these story books are delightful.  The books are about some of the baby goats that were rescued by Leanne Lauricella of Goats of Anarchy a rescue sanctuary for special needs farm animals – especially goats.  Leanne wrote all of the books and Jill Howarth did an excellent job of illustrating with bright colors.  She brought each animal alive with the cutest expressions.  All of the books are for ages 3-6 years.  I love reading children’s books for my own pleasure and I definitely enjoyed each of these especially since they are inspiring and compassionate stories. 

Free Download of an Goat Felt Hand Puppet Pattern

Don’t have the time to sew a puppet?  Need a puppet fast?  We have a free download for a goat hand puppet pattern using felt squares available from craft stores.  The puppet can be made without sewing – all you need is a hot glue gun.

Need a puppet with a moving mouth and make expressions?  We’ve got the pattern!

Need a puppet that can talk and make facial expressions?  You can sew one with our Goat Puppet Sewing Pattern.  The pattern is available as a digital download so you can start sewing immediately. We recommend using fleece and felt fabrics because they are inexpensive, readily available from craft stores, washable and easy to sew.  Customers tell us how easy our step by step patterns (with lots of pictures) are to follow especially after watching the video tutorials.  In fact you can watch our free video tutorial on how to sew the goat puppet right now!  

What our customers are saying: 

“Very detailed step-by-step instructions with color photos. Can’t wait to get all the supplies and make this puppet.”

“The puppets turn out really well and are a joy to use!”

Goat Puppet Pattern

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