Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is coming up fast. Are you having trouble finding the right gift this year? How about adding some puppets to your festive cheer? We have gift ideas for the people who know how to sew, the people who know people who sew and the people who love arts and crafts and hot glue.

I know how to sew:

Break out your sewing machine and do a marathon puppet making session using our patterns. Gift wrap a finished puppet as your gift or get creative. Turn your finished puppet into a surprise stocking stuffer or even the stocking itself. That opening for the arm is a great place to hide smaller gifts.

I know someone who sews:

Does your friend or family member who sews need a new project this year? How about gifting them a pattern and the materials needed to make their own puppet. You can print out the whole pattern or just the last few pages and provide a link to the how to video. Package the pattern together with at least the fleece and felt needed and you have a ready to make project ready to giftwrap.

I know someone who likes arts and crafts:

Maybe your friend or family member isn’t into sewing, but there’s a lot of projects to be done with a hot glue gun. Download a free felt hand puppet pattern and print it out. Pick up the felt sheets and package it with the pattern. You now have an instant DIY puppet project. You can also toss in the scissors, pins, crayons and hot glue gun as part of the gift if you don’t know if they have their own crafting materials.