How Much Do Materials Cost for Your Puppet Patterns?

The cost of the materials to make one of my animal puppets is a bit tricky to pin down. Finding the materials in your area could be really easy or challenging depending on where in the world you live. I’m fortunate to have Michaels, JoAnn and SAS Fabrics just a drive away. Others might need to rely only on online stores with additional shipping costs.

Each puppet pattern needs at least 1/2 yard of fleece, 3 felt sheets, black thread and stuffing. The unicorn pattern is the only “fancy” one. It needs an additional 1/3 yard of ribbon and a specialty printed felt sheet that’s about 3-4 times the cost of plain felt.

Stuffing is something you either have laying around or need to pick up. I didn’t include it with the price table below, so add about $5-$15 depending on the size of bag needed. You can get creative and recycle stuffing from old pillows/stuffed animals, but I do like the new stuffing for ease of use.

I try to match my thread color to the main body color fleece. However, fleece is a fluffy fabric that hides seams, so you could get away with using just white or black thread instead of buying 30 different thread colors. It would be a personal preference thing if you want to save a bit of money by using basic thread colors.

The table below lists all the materials needed for each of my patterns. Prices used are average retail, not sale pricing. Blizzard fleece is $8.99/yd. Felt sheets are $0.40/sheet. Specialty felt is $1.30/sheet. Thread is $3/spool. Ribbon is $3/yd.