How to Make Unicorn Hand Puppet Using Our Horse Pattern

The unicorn hand puppet is basically our horse puppet pattern with a horn. Picking fancy fleece and felt makes the unicorn really come to life.


The unicorn puppet shown is made from a light purple fleece with a mottled or patchy pattern. The inside ears, nose, forelock and mane are dark purple felt. The horn and hooves are glitter heart printed dark purple felt.

The unicorn pattern pdf is just an alteration to our horse pattern. You’ll need the horse pattern in order to make the unicorn. Our horse hand puppet pattern is available from Etsy or our website store.

How to make the unicorn horn:
horn1blog Print and cut out the unicorn horn pattern included in the unicorn pattern pdf. Cut felt for horn using pattern. Pin 12″ length of ribbon to narrow end of horn.

horn2blog Fold the horn in half lengthwise and pin together.

horn3blog Sew the horn.

horn5blog Trim excess felt from horn tip.

horn7blog Turn horn right side out and stuff.

horn8blog Twist the ribbon tightly around the horn to form the shape and pin.

horn9blog Hand sew the ribbon in place.

horn10blog Hand sew the bottom of horn closed.

horn11blog Hand sew the horn to the horse puppet to get a unicorn.