March Fun Facts with L’il Emmie

In March, it’s time to think of new ideas for frozen foods featuring celery while crafting daffodils out of umbrellas.

March 3rd is Fun Facts About Names Day

Ever wonder what your name means? Then it’s time to break out the google search and look up the meaning of your name.

March 10th is Day of Awesomeness

Celebrate everything that is awesome on the Day of Awesomeness. Just that name is awesome.

March 14th is Pi Day

Pi and pie are not the same thing, but no one said you can’t eat pie on Pi Day. Just remember to use pi to calculate the exact proportions of pie you serve on Pi Day.

March 21st is World Puppetry Day

Explore the vast variety of puppetry from all around the world on World Puppetry Day.

March 28th is Something on a Stick Day

So technically, Something on a Stick Day is all about foods on a stick. Corndogs, meatballs, kebabs, chicken satay, popsicles, candy apples and more. I’m still adding finger puppets on a stick, because they are full of awesomeness.