Octopus Fun Facts

Our pattern of the month is the octopus!  To celebrate we are offering a free coloring page that could also be turned into a stick puppet.   And in later blogs we will have free downloads of an octopus paper bag puppet and a pattern to make a simple felt hand puppet which requires no sewing! 

Octopus Puppet Pattern

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Fun Facts About Octopuses

Is it octopuses or octopi?  It’s actually octopodes.  Since the word octopus comes from the Greek word “octopus” then the plural is octopodes or octopuses.  If octopus was a Latin word then the plural would be octopi.  And octopus means eight arms.

Octopus Photo by Qijin Xu on Unsplash

Other fun facts about octopuses are:

  • They are the most intelligent of all invertebrate animals (without backbones)
  • They are so smart they can unscrew lids and remove latches to leave their aquariums
  • They can be as small as 2 inches from top to head to tip of an arm or 16 feet long
  • They are actually shy and prefer to be left alone
  • They can change the color and texture of their skin as well as their shape
Upcoming Octopus Craft Activities

In our next octopus blog, we’ll be sharing a few ideas and links for some fun octopus craft activities that we found around the web. We’ll also have a free download pattern for the kids to make their own octopus paper bag puppet. You can also check out our Puppet of the Month Pinterest Board.

Until then, enjoy our free download of an octopus coloring page for the kids to color!  It can even be cut out and glued to a craft stick to make a stick puppet!

Need a Puppet with a Moving Mouth and Makes Expressions?  We’ve got the pattern! 

You can buy the Octopus Puppet Sewing Pattern here.  It is available as a digital download so you can start sewing immediately.  Each pattern has step by step instructions and free video tutorial.  In fact you can watch our free tutorial on how to sew the octopus puppet right now!  Beginner sewists have complimented us on how easy they found our instructions to follow.  We recommend using fleece and felt to make our puppets because these fabrics are readily available from craft stores, inexpensive, washable and easy to sew.

What our customers are saying:

“Pattern is well written and easy to follow.”

“These are awesome looking puppets. I love them!”