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Skunk Fun Facts

Our pattern of the month is the skunk!  The skunk hasn’t been in the public eye for quite some time now so we think it’s time for a resurgence of popularity.

Skunk Puppet Pattern

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Fun Facts about Skunks
Photo credit: Pixabay CCO Creative Commons
  • Skunks live in forests, woodlands, grasslands, and deserts
  • Their average lifetime in the wild is 3 years
  • They come out mostly at dusk and dawn
  • They have excellent senses of smell and hearing but can’t see objects more than 10 feet away
  • Skunks eat just about anything – plants, animals, insects, reptiles and garbage left out by humans
  • If threatened they will stamp their feet, lift their tail and growl
  • Skunk spray is an effective defensive mechanism since it doesn’t harm the victim but it sure is smelly and uncomfortable


Upcoming Skunk Craft Activities

In our next blog, we’ll be sharing some ideas and links for some fun and cute skunk craft activities that we found around the web.  We’ll also have a free download pattern for the kids to make their own skunk paper bag puppet.

Until then, enjoy our free download of a skunk coloring page for the kids to color!

You can buy the Skunk Puppet Sewing Pattern here.  It is available as a digital download so you can start sewing immediately.  Each pattern has step by step instructions and free video tutorial to make sewing even easier!  Beginner sewists have complimented us on how easy they found our instructions to follow.