Using Suture Clamps in Puppet Making

These suture clamps work great for puppet making!

These suture clamps work great for puppet making

I bought these clamps at a yard sale.  It is the handiest little gadget for puppet making.  Years ago my husband used to have a similar pair that he used when working with tiny electronic parts.  The clamps sure came in handy for all sorts of odd jobs.  So when I found these at the yard sale, I grabbed them.

They are so handy when I’m sewing and making puppets.  They get into the tight places and once they are clamped on to material, they won’t let go until I release the grip.





suture clamps in puppet makingThe clamps really helped when I wanted to turn this puppet ear inside out for the hippo I was making. The tab on the bottom of the ear is kind of narrow.  I slip the clamps inside the ear, grab hold of the ear at the top and pull.








suture clamp used to turn a puppet arm inside outOn the picture to the right, the hippo’s arm has been turned halfway.  You can see how the clamps have gripped the end of the arm making it easy to pull through.



Stuffing puppet's ear made easier by using clampOn the picture to the left, I’m using the clamps to stuff the hippo’s ear.  I clamp a bit of stuffing and then insert it into the ear.  I also use the clamps when stuffing puppet’s fingers.

Whenever I need to turn or stuff something, I grab the clamps.  I find them so much easier to work with than a stuffing tool or a chopstick.