The Dinosaurs Have Arrived!

My daughter and business partner, Laura, has been wanting me to create dinosaur patterns for quite some time now.

Since it is so hot in Tucson AZ now because we are in the middle of summer, there isn’t much we can do outside.  It is too hot.  Therefore, we’ve been trying to stay cool indoors and create patterns.

T-Rex puppet trex5The T-Rex was created as a mistake.  I was trying to make a small human type puppet that isn’t as large, heavy and hot as my usual “muppety” type puppets.  My first attempt ended up looking more like a goose-man than a human.  I rounded out the head more and ended up with a perfect T-Rex!  We offer two eye options, one is more realistic and the other is our usual big eye look.  It isn’t quite as scary for the little ones.

triceratops puppetLaura wasn’t satisfied with just the T-Rex.  Ever since she was a kid, she’s loved the triceratops.  I went back to the drawing board and came up with a darling triceratops.  We also offer two eye options.  One is a smaller eye usually seen on triceratops graphics.  And, of course, the other is our big eye look.  Both patterns are available from our store.

If you’re wondering about the goose-man, we did a little tweaking and ended up with a great goose pattern!  It’s now available also. As for the human, it still needs a little work.