Video Tutorials: How to Sew with a Drop-in Bobbin Sewing Machine

I’ve owned and used my Singer 328K sewing machine since my mother bought it for me in the 1960’s. Over the years I’ve used it to sew just about everything. Now it’s my main sewing machine for designing and making my puppets.

I personally prefer the drop-in bobbin, mainly because it’s the bobbin style of my Singer and the one I’m most used to using. If your sewing machine uses a bobbin case, then check out How to Sew with a Bobbin Case Sewing Machine.

I’ve created a short 2 part video series on how to use my Singer 328K sewing machine.

Part 1 video covers: sewing machine part names, how to wind the bobbin, how to replace the needle, how to thread the needle and preparing to sew.

Part 2 Video covers: pressure adjustment, thread tension, stitch control, how to change the throat plate, how to change the needle position and how to sew a straight seam.