Video Tutorials: How to Sew a Frog Puppet

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew?

How about learning to sew while creating a fun, usable project that you or your kids can play with?

Or are you are an intermediate or advanced sewist who wants a different, creative project to sew?

Learn to Sew by Making a Frog Puppet!

Watch our video tutorial about how to sew our frog pattern available to buy as a digital download from our Etsy store or our website store.  This video series was created especially for beginner sewists with step by step instructions.

If you are a more experienced sewist, you can fast forward the video to the section that is of more interest to you.

Even though we developed our animal puppet patterns to be used by sewists of all levels of experience, the frog pattern is the easiest of our patterns.  A beginner sewist that makes a frog puppet will have all of the skills necessary to make any of our other animal puppets. A puppet can usually be made in a few hours depending upon your sewing experience.

Patterns designed with the puppeteer in mind

We designed our puppets to made from fleece, felt and poly fil stuffing. All of which are inexpensive and easy to find materials.  Since we are puppeteers, we also designed the puppets to be:

  • extremely lightweight – some of our public appearances last for around 3 hours
  • easy to operate – store bought puppet mouths are very hard to manipulate
  • soft with no hard edges – for the play times with babies and toddlers
  • kid safe – as long as everything is sewn on firmly
  • easy to clean – for all of those little sticky fingers who love to pet the puppets

Frog Puppet Pattern

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