New Pattern! A Squirrel!

We haven’t created a new pattern in quite a while.

A friend, Cindy, was telling us that she needed a squirrel puppet to go with a story she was writing.  She also mentioned that she was having trouble turning a sock puppet into a squirrel.  It just wasn’t working out the way she envisioned.  We wondered if we could create a squirrel puppet.

And we did!  We were surprised at quickly it all came together.

It was a win-win.  Cindy was thrilled at how cute the puppet turned out and we were thrilled to have a new pattern.

We create our patterns trying to keep them simple by using only fleece and felt.  We are always excited to see how customers adapt our patterns to make the puppet uniquely theirs.  Cindy is no exception.  To give her puppet more character she hand sewed fur over the tail of the completed puppet.  By doing this, the stuffed tail gave the fur more stabilization.  We think it turned out great!

The Squirrel Hand Puppet Sewing Pattern is now available for you to customize into the perfect squirrel!

Squirrel Puppet Pattern

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