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Alligators in Books

In our previous blog article we listed a few links to craft projects featuring alligators that we found around the web. We also had a free download of our alligator paper bag puppet pattern.

We are continuing the alligator/crocodile theme with a list of books that we thought would be interesting and fun to pair with an alligator puppet.  We’ve noticed that kids become more engaged during reading when a puppet is used to help bring a book alive.

    • Kids love puppets.
    • Puppets boost creativity and stimulate kids’ imaginations
    • Sometimes kids feel more comfortable reading to a puppet rather than to an adult
    • A puppet can be used as an impartial character allowing kids to express their true emotions.
    • A puppet made from our patterns is perfect for story time because it is soft and pliable.  It can be stuffed into a small place ready to pop out to engage the kids.  And it is easy to wash!
Books Featuring Alligators

It is always surprising to me how much kids love alligators and crocodiles even though they are so fierce looking in real life. Maybe it is because artists for children’s books can create more “cuddly” versions of them. This list includes fun cute kids’ books along with a book with fun facts about real alligators.

Chomp Goes the Alligator by Matthew Van Fleet is a fun counting book.  And it is sturdy enough to survive little fingers making the alligator go “chomp.” For ages 2 and up, preschoolers and up.

I read this book to a group of 4-5 year olds and they loved it!  Their teacher extended the book by having the kids draw the alligator and watermelon.  I was so impressed by their artistic talent!  I could tell the difference between the watermelon and the alligator.  The Watermelon Seed is about how the alligator’s imagination runs wild after swallowing a seed.  Written and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli.  For ages 3-5, Preschool to Kindergarten.

I love pop-up books!  The Wide Mouthed Frog by Keith Faulkner and illustrated by Jonathon Lambert is about a frog who boasts about being a wide mouthed frog until he meets an alligator who eats wide mouthed frogs.  For ages 2-5 years.  This book is so much fun to retell using puppets.  (ps, We have puppet sewing patterns for each of the characters in the book.)

This book is for ages 6 and up, grades 1 and 2.  It is easy for early readers to read.  I also like it because it is short with fun facts and good pictures that would work for preschoolers with short attention spans. Fun Facts About Alligators! is by Carmen Bredeson and is from the I Like Reptiles and Amphibians! series.

Free Download of Alligator Hand Puppet pattern

Don’t have the time to sew a puppet?  Need a puppet fast?  We have a free download for an alligator hand puppet pattern using felt squares available from craft stores.  The puppet can be made without sewing – all you need is a hot glue gun.

Need a puppet with a moving mouth and makes expressions?  We have the pattern!

Need a puppet that can talk and make expressions?  You can sew one with our Alligator Puppet Sewing Pattern.  The pattern is available as a digital download so you can start sewing immediately.  We recommend using fleece and felt to make your puppet because these fabrics are readily available, inexpensive and washable.

Customers tell us how easy our step by step patterns (with lots of pictures) are to follow especially after watching the video tutorials.  In fact you can watch our free video tutorial on how to sew the alligator puppet right now!

What our customers are saying:

“Pattern well written and easy to follow.”

“These puppets turn out adorable!”


Alligator Puppet Pattern