Costume Creation Process for the Person Puppet

After developing the Person Hand Puppet Sewing Pattern, we began to create costumes for the blank person puppet. We decided to call our clothing line “costumes” because the patterns include more than just clothing. We include patterns for different types of noses, hair, hats, beards and mustaches depending on the “character” of the puppet.
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Creation Process of the Person Puppet

Even though we’ve been designing animal hand puppet patterns since 2014, it wasn’t until 2019 that we designed a human type puppet pattern. Up until then, we focused on animal hand puppet sewing patterns. In all honesty, it took me that long to figure out how to create a human puppet pattern. Making most animal patterns is easy, because animals have muzzles. The hand operating the puppet fits perfectly in the muzzle. Humans really don’t have muzzles to put a hand in. Our mouths are inside our heads, not an extension like animals or birds.
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Wolf Craft Activities

In the last blog article we listed some Fun Facts about wolves.  We also had a free download of a wolf coloring page for the kids (or you) to color.  In this blog we want to share some of our favorite craft activities that we found on the web that are simple and fun to do.  We were surprised at how slim the pickings were for wolf crafts.
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