Our Cart is Working Again!

Finally our shopping cart is working again! It’s been a harrowing two weeks due to a website update that threw a huge monkey wrench into the system which wouldn’t allow anyone to purchase from our store. We rushed the best experts to the scene and we are so happy that you can now make purchases. If you have any difficulties please contact us at rose@thetucsonpuppetlady.com.

Ironically, our pattern of the month is the Monkey! The Monkey pattern is on sale until Oct. 31, 2019 for only $2.50!

New Pattern! A Squirrel!

We haven’t created a new pattern in quite a while.

A friend, Cindy, was telling us that she needed a squirrel puppet to go with a story she was writing.  She also mentioned that she was having trouble turning a sock puppet into a squirrel.  It just wasn’t working out the way she envisioned.  We wondered if we could create a squirrel puppet.

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Our Craftsy Store Closing 12-28-18

Due to changes at Craftsy, our pattern store will be closed as of December 28, 2018.  This means both our free and paid patterns will no longer be available to purchase from Craftsy.

You can still find all of our free and paid patterns on our website.  The felt dog puppet patterns sold only at Craftsy will be available from our website in early 2019.

Our free felt hand puppet patterns can be found here.

You can find our hand puppet patterns for sale at our website store.