Permanent Hiatus of Services in Tucson Area

Due to circumstances beyond our control, The Tucson Puppet Lady is on permanent hiatus for all services offered in the Tucson area. This includes puppet shows, puppet making workshops and one on one instruction.

We will still honor any gift certificates that have been issued.  Please use our contact information to schedule our services if you have a gift certificate.

Thank you to everyone for supporting us.

Horse Pattern – Customer Adapation

We love it when a customer adapts one of our animal puppet patterns to create what they want. Maureen used our horse pattern and adapted it to give the horse a blaze and chest markings.  She looped the strips of fabric for the mane and forelock, giving it a 3 dimensional look.  She left off the legs.  The eyes are flatter with larger pupils than what is on the pattern.  These changes give the puppet a whole new look which is just adorable!

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Duck and Goose Patterns Available Now!

A funny thing happened on my way to create a smaller, lighter weight human type puppet pattern.  I created a goose-man.  No matter how I looked at it, the puppet looked like a goose.  Even though I wasn’t even thinking of adding a goose to our line animal puppet patterns, I now had one.  I only had to do a little adjusting to make the puppet look like a goose.  With the addition of using white fleece and orange felt I definitely had a goose!

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The Dinosaurs Have Arrived!

My daughter and business partner, Laura, has been wanting me to create dinosaur patterns for quite some time now.

Since it is so hot in Tucson AZ now because we are in the middle of summer, there isn’t much we can do outside.  It is too hot.  Therefore, we’ve been trying to stay cool indoors and create patterns.

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Zebra Hand Puppet Included with Horse Hand Puppet Pattern

Want to make a zebra hand puppet? Use your sewing machine to create a lightweight hand puppet out of fleece, felt and foam. The zebra hand puppet features a felt mane that stand ups like a real zebra, cute felt hooves and large ears. Super adorable for playtime or story time.

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Welcome to The Tucson Puppet Lady!

Welcome to The Tucson Puppet Lady blog!

Puppets aren’t just for kids and I want to share the fun of playing of puppets with the young and the young at heart!

In this blog I plan to:

  • Share puppet making tips from others and myself
  • Announce any puppet events that are happening in Tucson
  • Post any new news about puppets from around the country or the world
  • Keep you up to date with any classes, performances and workshops

The website is a work in progress, just like in life, keep checking back for all of the new additions!