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Parrots in Books

We are continuing the parrot theme with a list of books that we thought would be interesting and fun to pair with a parrot puppet.  We even have a free pattern to make a simple parrot felt hand puppet!

In a previous parrot blog article we listed a few links to craft projects featuring parrots that we found around the web.  We also had a free download of a parrot paper bag puppet pattern.


When I was a volunteer reader for a local preschool I noticed that kids became more engaged during reading when any type of puppet is used to help bring a book alive.

  • Kids love puppets.
  • Puppets boost creativity and stimulate kids’ imaginations
  • Sometimes kids feel more comfortable reading to a puppet rather than to an adult
  • A puppet can be used as an impartial character allowing kids to express their true emotions.
  • A puppet made from our patterns is perfect for story time because it is soft and pliable.  It can be stuffed into a small place ready to pop out to engage the kids.  And it is easy to wash!
Books Featuring Parrots

Mango, Abuela, and Me is a heart warming story about how a parrot (Mango) brings a granddaughter (Mia) and grandmother (Abuelo) together while they are adapting to the change of Abuelo having to move in with Mia’s family.  The book is written by Meg Medina and illustrated by Angela Dominguez and is for ages 5-8.  Mango, Abuela, and Me received the American Library Association  2016  Pura Belpré honor book award for literature, as well as receiving an honor for the illustrations. 

Terrific by Jon Agee is for ages 5-8 and is a great way to introduce dry humor to kids.  The story is about grumpy Eugene being stranded on a tiny island after being shipwrecked.  There is no one else there with him except for a parrot with a broken wing.  Eugene thinks the parrot is useless.  Eugene’s response to everything is a sarcastic “terrific.”  That is until the parrot helps get both of them off the island then he realizes the parrot is “terrific.”  Kids will love to chime in whenever Eugene says “terrific.” 

Scholastic Books series Nature’s Children Parrots is for grade levels 3-4.  The photographs are gorgeous of these stunningly colorful birds.   The text could be paraphrased for preschoolers as they look at the pictures while someone older reads to them. 

I checked out the Spanish/English version of Let Me Help! from my local library and enjoyed it immensely even though English is the only language I know.  The book is written by Alma Flor Ada and illustrations are by Angela Dominguez.   The story is about a parrot called Perico who wants to help the family get ready for the Cinco de Mayo celebration in San Antonio TX.  He is shooed away from helping everyone.  Since the story is for ages 5-8 years, kids will relate to being shooed away when they want to help the adults.  At the end of the story he saves the day by doing what he does best.  Being his beautiful colorful self.  The illustrations are vibrant and delightful.  And if I’m not mistaken one of the characters in the story looks very similar to the author. 

Free Download of a Parrot Felt Hand Puppet Pattern

Don’t have the time to sew a puppet?  Need a puppet fast?  We have a free download for a parrot hand puppet pattern using felt squares available from craft stores.  The puppet can be made without sewing – all you need is a hot glue gun.

Need a puppet with a moving mouth and make expressions?  We’ve got the pattern!

Need a puppet that can talk and make facial expressions?  You can sew one with our Parrot Puppet Sewing Pattern.  The pattern is available as a digital download so you can start sewing immediately. We recommend using fleece and felt fabrics because they are inexpensive, readily available from craft stores, washable and easy to sew.  Customers tell us how easy our step by step patterns (with lots of pictures) are to follow especially after watching the video tutorials.  In fact you can watch our free video tutorial on how to sew the parrot puppet right now!  

What our customers are saying: 

“Very detailed step-by-step instructions with color photos. Can’t wait to get all the supplies and make this puppet.”

“The puppets turn out really well and are a joy to use!”

Parrot Puppet Pattern

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