What is the Difference Between the Cow and Baby Cow Patterns?

Back in 2015, I created the Cow Puppet Pattern. This pattern has always been a black sheep in the pattern family. I originally made it from a black and white cow printed short fur that I liked. However, the busy pattern made the pictures and video for the pattern hard to see. I eventually changed the tutorial video to a brown cow for better visibility. Eventually I came back to redo the pattern, but ended up creating a cuter cow pattern that I’ve named the Baby Cow Pattern. I planned to replace the original cow with the newer one, but I had the thought that someone might like the older design. So once again the original cow pattern is on the list to redo the photos in the near future.

Side angle comparison of the baby cow (left) and cow (right). The original cow pattern doesn’t include the hair. That was added during the redesign. The original cow has a much larger head front where the eyes are placed and muzzle. I reduced that area quite a bit for the baby cow. I also reduced the baby cow’s ears and horns.

Front comparison of the baby cow (left) and cow (right). The baby cow’s muzzle design and nose size were changed.

Side comparison of the baby cow (left) and cow (right). The size difference in the eye area of the cow is very obvious here. The baby cow’s muzzle was rounded.

If I had to choose between the two patterns, I’d probably choose the new baby cow. However the original cow has a bit of character unique to the design. Choosing between the two depends on your taste and what your final puppet character will be.