What is the Difference Between the Horse and Unicorn Patterns?

Back in 2015, I created the Horse Puppet Pattern. Included in the pattern were simple adaptations to make a unicorn and zebra. I liked the original horse pattern, but I always wanted to make something a bit cuter. The new unicorn was something I’d work on and adapt, then put away. Something was never quite right or too complicated. I finally buckled down this year and finished the new Unicorn Puppet Pattern.

Side angle comparison of the unicorn and horse. The horse muzzle and face are longer and less defined. The unicorn curves in the muzzle give more definition and shape.

Front comparison of the unicorn and horse. The unicorn muzzle shape gives it a bit of lift. The horse muzzle tends to droop.

Side comparison of the unicorn and horse. I added more of a curve to the unicorn’s jaw and reduced the size of the back of the head. The drooping muzzle of the horse can really be seen here.

Back comparison of the unicorn and horse. The unicorn mane is more complicated and harder to make, but it gives a nice effect. Plus there’s so many color variations you can do with the unicorn design. The horse mane is just one solid color of felt sewn into the head and cut into strands.

If I had to choose between the two patterns, I’d probably choose the new unicorn. However the original horse has a bit of character unique to the design. Choosing between the two depends on your taste and what your final puppet character will be.