Platypus Fun Facts

The puppet sewing pattern of the month is the…..platypus!  To celebrate we have a FREE coloring page you can download.

You are wondering, why the platypus?    It has come to our attention that the more unusual animals are making their way into children’s books.  Animals like….platypus, wombat, sloth, to name a few, are now being featured as characters in kids’ books and other media.  As an example, Perry the Platypus is a character from the popular Phineas and Ferb show.

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January Fun Facts with L’il Emmie

Did you know that January gets its name from the Roman god Janus? He’s the god with two heads. One can see into the past and the other sees into the future! That’s perfect for January, since it comes between the past year and the new one.

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